Emile Durkheim The Legacy To Sociology

Emile Durkheim was a legacy because of his understandings and contributes to sociology. Before Emile sociology was not a science, but through extensive research, influence, and desire, he made sociology a science.
Emile was aware that the world is not left without flaws and social problems. He made it well known that society is not perfect, and that understanding the flaws was more important to help prevent problems in religion, suicide, and other aspects of society.
In 1897 the aspect about suicide helped to benefit changes in society and encourage the control theory. Emile was a legacy in both the

social structure and criminology because of his past theories and works.
Emile Durkheim was famous for his original views on the study of society. Social behavior and structure is
very important to help make changes to benefit society and impact criminology.
Criminology is the study of criminal behavior and Emile lent a helping hand of how social behavior can impact the criminal activity. The control theory is used for not only criminology, but also for society as a whole to help control social behavior in the public domain.
Emile Durkheim is well known for his contributions to sociology being a science. Through his different studies on the aspects of social structure Emile had a positive impact on deviance and crime, by suggesting that flaws in individual behavior can be related to social structure and contributes to behavior such as deviance and crime. Emile Durkheim helps educate others on behavior and weaknesses.

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