The Purpose Of Ethics

Ethics is a good philosophy to use for decision making. The study of ethics can help improve knowing the difference between right and wrong. I believe that some things require long term learning. The study of ethics seems to be beneficial when it comes to teaching long term values.

Everyone needs to have certain morals in life. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is important everyday rather it is personal or business related. Just because others may not see what some individuals do in their personal time or space. I still think that studying ethics can help teach an individual

the differences between what is right and wrong.
In a business ethics has become very valuable to organizational behavior. Employees are diversifying and communication is key. When communicating with other individuals ethics can help individuals to use better more positive behavior with one another. After being asked why study ethics. The best answer I can think of is the feeling of accomplishment after building a strong set of principles to live by day after day. Not everything in life can be so easily taught. I think the study of ethics can teach a person about themselves and help an individual to relate to other who are different in a positive manner.

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