Technology In The Security Field, The Positives And Negatives Of New Technologies

Security Operational Techniques

Security Operational Techniques
Information security is a very important security operational technique. Before computers, the main form of security was protection of the different documents was much more difficult. Computers make protection of software easier. Security is to protect employer investments and assets, property, employees, and information. Security gives a business security and provides different techniques to ensure confidentiality and safety. Before, computers information such as policies, procedures, and other documents were written on paper and could not only hurt the workload but also it was more difficult to organize and timely.
Computers bring security operational techniques to a new

and more efficient level. Some of the main types of computers are supercomputers, main frames, minicomputers, microcomputers, microprocessor-based computers, and stand-alone microprocessors. Each type of computer has different purposes, operating systems, and programs. Computers are becoming more demanding in the security field.
Instead of taking more time to write down pages and pages of different documents such as emergency contact lists, security manuals, or scheduling information, computers have database management that can collect the data and store it for later use (University of Phoenix, 2009).

New Technology and Security
Security managers are turning to new technology to help with security. The computer is becoming more advanced and access to useful programs, updates, and privacy are making it more reliable for private organizations concerns for storing data. The microcomputers are useful to security managers because the small size, power microprocessor, and memory.
A computer has different encryptions that can protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, disruption, and destruction. Security will still face threats and risks against the information. Different encryptions are for countering different attacks made by hackers.
Some of the positive effects of micro computers are the word processing, which makes it easier for security to create different text documents. Security can use word processing for creating, editing, storing, and saving documents valuable to the business.
Different company’s are always editing, removing, or organizing different data. Database management makes it easier for security to store security documents and other types of information faster and easier than before. Security will need to have access to information for planning, management, analysis, and retrieving, sorting, sending, or printing information. Database management is cost and time effective for the security setting. Encryption is good for protecting the sensitive information from unauthorized personnel and can be beneficial concerning database management
Any business including security will use presentations are a form of written communication to present proposals, or educating the employees. Business presentation graphic programs will help guide presentation in a more professional manner with different types of graphics such as font, backgrounds, pictures, graphs, and colors. Some of the different presentations in the security field may include new employees, teaching for the staff, innovations, recommendations, surveys, and risk assessments analysis (University of Phoenix, 2009).

Negative effects of New Technologies
New technologies can be threatened by several natural and man-made disasters. Accidents occur, some can be employee-related and others may be in a form of sabotage. Technology is changing and so are the protections. However, some threats are not as easy to protect against. Some of the negative effects of new technologies are the risks and threats that are unpreventable. New technologies should not be taken advantage of when concerning oral communication. The different types of communications can be useful and more convenient in some cases for written and oral communication. For example, when face-to-face communication is impossible or to enhance oral communication, new technology can be useful. New technologies can be affected by threats such as power surges or failures, theft, natural disasters, lightning, water leaks, fires, explosions, and even hardware, and software problems.
A computer is the most difficult kind of security only becoming harder to create effective counterattacks. A computer has more weaknesses than

any other type of security. For example, there are so many types of people such as hackers can find back-doors in an establishments system and be able to acquire the information needed within the company. Several kinds of denial of service attacks make computer resources unavailable and have been used against an establishment in the past, when concerning the attacks that do exist. Also attacks that occur, come from many different vectors that make it more difficult to trace (Article Base, 2005-2011).

Ways that can help to counter most of the attacks that have already been considered the most used malicious attacks. However, hackers are people who make new attacks to counter the new software and prevention methods that exist as well. Any establishment can do only what they can afford financially and can only counter the attacks that they know that exists. DOS attack prevention can help to monitor, mitigate, and prevent attacks. Tools do exist such as an intrusion detection system that can help to lower the amount of attacks of the system. The main focus to counter such attacks should be the technical staff, and the procedures for attacks. Also upgrading and use of the latest hardware and software can also help to counterattacks and improve the safety. Security that educates the employees on repairs, attacks, backups, and so on can also help the establishment to keep up with the new attacks and stop abusive users. Also there are many companies that already have an Incident Response Team who is responsible for responding to the attacks. This team can help to use counterattacks such as the sinkhole, back scatter, and back-hole. The sinkhole is to redirect an attack. The back scatter techniques that monitor the level of attacks on the Internet and can also help determine the entry points of an attack. Lastly, the back-hole filtering is something used to drop network traffic, which can help to counter an attack.
Risk management is always important to any business including security. Security needs ways to protect not only the company but also its networks, programs, and databases. Risk management can also help to improve the protections against different threats, although no one can prevent threats, some are preventable (University of Phoenix, 2009).
Communication in the Workplace
Communication is important to help transfer, send, and receive information. In the workplace communication is very critical and important to the success. When employees receive no communication from the employers, the business will become unstable. The employees in the workplace are just as important as the customers. Without employees there is no business.
Communication is important to use with problems and solutions. For example, when security makes changes in the procedures, the employees need to be notified of the changes. Job descriptions are a very big part of the workplace, each job, station, and machine; have a different set of job descriptions. To teach, workers about the different descriptions effective communication is important. In a workplace communication will play a critical role in the effectiveness of letters, forms, evaluations, proposals, reports, manuals, speeches, and resumes. Non effective communication can cause confusion and other types of problems. In both written and oral communications communication is important to help others to understand the information received and sent back and forth on a regular basis.



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