Privatization And Federalization, Advantages And Disadvantages

Types of prisons and what benefits privatization and federalization can have.
There are many types of prisons that exist today. There are different types of security for different prisons. One prison may be a minimum prison. Another may be a medium/maximum prison. One prison may require different levels of security in the same prison. In some prisons it may require the higher cost and public funding to ensure better programs and monitoring of the inmates.

Other prisons
-Federal Correctional Complexes
-satellite camps
-satellite low security
Business, such as prisons and other agencies have been taken

over by privatization. This may be due to government revenue going out in that particular area. Privatization helps to make funding more obtainable.

Federalization can help give a business such as prisons the federal authority needed in order to reach the goals. Federalization can help when it comes to prison public transportation and can help maintain better behavior from the prisoners under federal control. Sometimes prisons can benefit from privatization. However, some things in a prison should remain under federal control in order to meet the needs and goals of a prison.
Privatization of prisons
-can help lower the cost
-gain more profit
-more flexibility
-cost would not come from the public
-allows the public to have more money for other needs

-some programs may not be as efficient
-monitoring may be difficult to regulate
-the cost

will not come from the public
When it comes to the Aviation Security Screening it is important for the screening, strategies, policies, and programs to be under federal control. The Aviation transportation is a chain of air facilities that are used for transportation of prisoners, and personnel and other citizens of the United States from one place to another. Federalization of the aviation security screening will make it much easier to help prevent criminal activity and reduce the security risks and vulnerabilities through check point screening, facility security, inspection systems, security standards, x-ray imaging, walk-through detectors, hand wands, questioning, detector alarms, computer-assisted passenger screening, personnel selection examination, flight standards, and navigation. Federalization will make it easier for aviation security to purchase the new aviation technology and security equipment needed for the protection of the aircraft, passengers, and personnel.
-check point screening
-facility security
-inspection systems
-security standards
-x-ray imaging
-walk-through detectors
-hand wands
-detector alarms
-Computer-assisted passenger screening
-personnel selection examination
-flight standards
Privatization and Federalization can both be beneficial for prisons if they are well understood and distributed correctly throughout the management.


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