What Aspects Of The Previous Eras Would Be Beneficial Today? How Effective Is This Era Of Policing In Your Community? Explain Should Policing Continue With The Way It Is Going, Be Integrated With Past Policies, Or Be Completely Reformed Again?

Post your response to the following: What is your overall opinion on the community era of policing as opposed to past eras and their role in society?
In the political era, the police enforcement's were advanced through those with political powers or interests. The duties were to “protect and serve" all citizens. The main failures were discrimination in past eras when something different and original came along. The organization of the political era and the most updated era known as the community era were decentralized. The advances with community era were more equip with science and technology. The broader range

of social service has been in the latest era because of population growth. The police officers now chosen are more educated special skills for the job. The past eras had an intimate relationship and professional separately. In time the learning methods grew as communication advanced. A median was created to have both relationships united. In more recent eras the population has progressed. The use for money went toward non-political party members.

What aspects of the previous eras would be beneficial today?

Aspects of the past were beneficial in skills needed and not needed to be learned in "protecting the citizens." Now instead of accepting

"favors" as done in past eras. Money is the most effective method used for payment of services rendered by the government. Skills have also sprouted in education for persuasion and control, bringing the police enforcement and community in understanding of one another.

Should policing continue with the way it is going, be integrated with past policies, or be completely reformed again?

Since the policing is decided by factors such as population, education, and special skills. I believe that policing should continue to make the same changes. The past policies should be a reflection of failures and progression.

How effective is this era of policing in your community? Explain

In my community, there are always police present. I have local enforcement's that patrol around clock. This era has local, state, and federal enforcement, which makes the organization very effective. In the present era policing has built a better relationship with the community. With the ability to learn to be both professional and intimate and prevent chaos, in return, teaches the community to communicate amongst one another effectively.

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