Examples Of Private Security, And How Effective Do You Feel The Private Security Industry Is In Preventing Crime And Protecting Communities?

Post your response to the following: Private Security has become an important aspect in protecting businesses and properties.
Where do you see examples of private security?
When it comes to examples of Private Security, they are hired by more personal businesses, such as in industrial, schools, airports, and such. When I was working in a factory, there was a lot of theft in the workplace. There were guards put at each of the doors in order to protect the workplace against the broad range of hazards.
How effective do you feel the private security industry is in preventing crime and

protecting communities?
The personal safety of people and property can be protected by the used of private security. There is no way to cancel out all crimes that will be committed when it comes to organizations that are protected by Private Security. People tend to think twice just because
of their presence. Having private security is effective to the industry in preventing crime and protecting communities. There is one glitch, sometimes the private security are not qualified to handle certain situations. But the powers of the private security are the same as the rest of the community. Being able to arrest or interrogate a person suspected of crime makes them rather useful to the industry. Private Security is very effective in giving each individual an opportunity to higher an individual(s) who can protect smaller more personal properties. When it comes to policing, the government controls most of the responsibilities and pay of the individuals. Private security is an advantage to policing because only the corporations that want private security have to pay out of their own money. The government is able to focus on those more qualified for policing.

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