What Are The Pros And Cons Of Our Right To Privacy?

Privacy is a big thing in the United States. Even criminals have certain rights when concerning privacy. Some of the pros is the ability to ensure that government can not abuse their powers and take advantage of anyone without facing the consequences. In different professions the circumstances for privacy will differ. We all have basic rights as americans and deserve to keep our own privacy just as anyone else. Another pro about privacy is the ability to ignore anything unless it poses harm to another person or property. I think that what is done in the privacy of ones home

or property is his or her own business. Some of the disadvantages is the ability to get a hold of some information bout certain criminals or other individuals concerning a case or suspicion of a crime. Seeing as we all have certain rights that restrict the government from abusing their power, this can tend to cause problems for professionals that are trying to achieve some types of information. The downfall is that any information that is obtained illegally can be thrown out in court and not useable in court. This can also cause other issues such as dismissal or a case to be over turned.

How has technology changed our perceptions and expectations of privacy?

Technology is contiguously changing and improving. Technology can include so many different devices and not just the use of computers. Many businesses are still continuing to use some written communications but are converting a lot of data and information into computers and other devices to help improve the success of the business. I am a student, I work and in my personal and business life i need my own privacy. I am constantly researching and using the internet to achieve writing materials. The more that technology improves the more assurance of privacy is becoming threatened by wrongdoers or hackers. I want to feel secure when am researching. The expectations of privacy are improving to help protect

my privacy and makes me feel secure when giving out my personal information to different companies for interviews and job applications. Technology is improving and making many things more secure for use.

What do you think is the best balance between the government’s need to know information and private citizens need to maintain privacy? How can we achieve that balance? Provide your rationale.

Private citizens can work for the government or for private businesses. The need for private citizens is to help with security and ensure the safety of employees and other personnel. The government will use need to know information for the purpose of being discrete and will only give information that can be useful for individuals such as private citizens. Society needs to know the importance of being discrete just as a business would. After all without employees there is no business. The government will keep certain information discrete if it is not needed for a business. I believe that some information held by the government can be useful to help private professionals to work more successfully with such limitations that do exist.

Balance can be achieved by working together and only asking for information that can improve privacy and make each business a safer place even if it isn't governmentally ran. Constant changing for problem areas or vulnerabilities to privacy can add balance to privacy in any type of business. The best way to get balance is through good communication. Communication is key in any business and when the government reports to different people about the importance of privacy and helps with funding or helps a company with focus on different budgeting issues, good communication can make the plans more successful. Rather the goal is to improve privacy or create a better balance between the government and private citizens. Both short-term and long-term planning should be a constant concern.  

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