What Is The Difference Between Criminal Intent And Negligence?

Criminal intent and negligence do differ. Criminal intent differs because it is planned to commit a crime and cause harm. Several individuals will look at something forbidden by law and see it at as a challenge. Criminal intent can be caused by a person that knows the consequences but still plans on committing the crime to obtain something from another.

Negligence is a type of behavior that can fail to exercise care for themselves and others. In a job setting negligence can occur when an individual chooses to neglect their responsibilities. Negligence can be unintentional and not planned out. For example,

an individual may not be aware of the loss, injury, or damage attached to the negligence. Rather than being planned with intent to harm another, it may just harm another without knowing that this risk is involved.

When presenting facts in any case I believe it is important to know the difference between criminal intent and negligence to find out the facts about why a person did what they did. When committing a crime individuals may be aware of their actions

and some may not be so aware of the damage it can cause. Knowing the facts of a case are important to show rather a person had intent or was just be negligent.

I was reading about a case not to long ago, where a captain of a boat abandon ship before all the passengers were off the boat. This case could be looked at as either negligence or criminal intent. There were several facts in the case that may show that the captain was aware of his actions but neglected his responsibilities. However, facts can be presented to be controversial and the captain may be considered to know what would happen if he did not follow through on his responsibilities and he may be looked at as committing criminal intent, if there was proof that he planned to act knowing the consequences of his actions.

Knowing the difference prior to presenting facts can make it easier to determine rather a defendant was using criminal intent or negligence.  

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