Effective Communication, Communication, And Work Setting

Effective communication is important in everything we do.
Communication is so diversified and the ability to transfer and understand others can tend to vary. Each individual can have their own originality to the same meanings. Communication can be oral or written. Effective communication is when individuals can use communication and build a rapport with others when it comes to different meanings. Effective communication can impact or influence interaction between more than on individual in a positive manner.

The work setting will involve a diversity of individuals that will need to rely on communication to perform job duties and responsibilities effectively.

Effective communication can affect the experience each individual has in different situations and decisions. In the work setting, communication will be used both verbally and written. Effective communication will help others to be able to understand different meanings of communication.

Effective communication will not come without barriers. Barriers can make it difficult for effective communication to occur between a source and a receiver. Some of the different barriers that exist with effective communication can be learned and avoided to help improve the effective organizational communication.

Barrier 1: A receiver of information will manipulate information to favor themselves.
Barrier 2: Selection perception will base on the needs motivations, experience, background, and other personal characteristics of the receiver.
Barrier 3: Information overload can be overwhelming information from answering or replying to

emails, IM, phone calls, faxes, meetings,, and other forms of communication that will exceed an individuals ability to process and store the information.
Barrier 4: Emotions will be involved in how the receiver interprets different interactions with others.
Barrier 5: Language can be the same and still the same word can have different meanings to different individuals.
Barrier 6: Communication Apprehension is undue tension or anxiety that can arise in oral or written communication.
Barrier 7: Gender differences can cause difference genders to look at different parts of a conversation more clearly. For example, (not in all cases, but in some cases.) a woman can look at a conversation and feel a rapport with intimacy or try and make a connection with others. To where as a man, may speak more in terms of power, status, and independence.
Barrier 8: Politically correct communication is a barrier that is less concerned with meaning and simplicity and more focused on being inoffensive and free expression will sometimes be lost.

In a work environment, individuals are constantly writing reports, speaking to others, writing emails, answering phone calls, and attending meetings. Just to name a few of the different kinds of communication. Effective organizational communication can be improved by knowing the barriers and the communication process.

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