Security, Proprietary, And Contract Security

More than one type of security exits. Proprietary security is a type of security used by the owner of the business. Proprietary Security will include complete responsibility for the hiring, firing, and management. Contract security may include these same services through different companies with a contract.
Either type of security will include benefits and have disadvantages. The overall cost, control, consistency, effectiveness, and liability are important to address to find the appropriate type of security. In a business sometimes cost can be an issue. Cost is very important to consider. However, there are other considerations to address. If a

business lacks in cost the control may not be as effective as it could be. For one small business proprietary security may be consistent. For some other businesses contract security may have more advantages than proprietary security for the needs of the business. Taking the cost, control, consistency, effectiveness, and liability into consideration can help to find the appropriate type of security.
Roles of Security
The role of security is to improve a business and the protections, quality, and future performance. The main goals of security personnel are to detect, deter, observe, and report. Security will look at any problems and use the goals of security to find better solutions, safeguards, and procedures. Security will come in many forms but all of them have the same common goals. Some of the things that security may look at and try to find solutions for are the quality of training, hiring practices, personnel qualifications, supervision, management, contracts, and compensation.
Proprietary Security has many different advantages such as better consistency, training for specific needs, and the security personnel are trained to balance different types of behaviors towards the employees. The behavior of this type of security will differ in some ways because of the training and are more beneficial in loyalty, incentive, knowledge, control, image, communication.
Contract Security is a type of security from other companies that provides the same services. Some of the advantages of contract security are the flexibility when it comes to personnel. Contract Security makes it easier to replace personnel and employees in situations such as absenteeism or impartiality. Also contract security will have advantages in administration, selection, discipline, training, cost, and expertise.
/> A business with proprietary security can tend to become too familiar with the personnel and it can have an effect on the effectiveness of the security. Proprietary Security has been known to have more internal pressures and this can make it more difficult for security to meet the main objectives. For example, internal issues such as the recruiting, training, firing, management of personnel can affect the business and the employees. Cost of this type of security is more expensive than contract security. Contract Security will have more flexibility. Proprietary Security is more costly when replacing individuals. Training for this type of security may not be as effective as it could be for the personnel and their needs.
Contract Security is a contracted security with a higher turnover rate. In the contract security turnovers that occur will most be industry-wide because of the ability to replace employees more easily. Reassignment of contract security will use the best guards during the contract, but each time the contract is up they will be reassigned and replaced. In contract security screening has some insufficient standards. Each business will vary so the training will require specific trainings of both the safety needs of the business and training in business rules, operations, and procedures. Contract Security will have many types of knowledge but will lack when it comes to some of the specific corporate knowledge. Each business will have its own personnel and facility knowledge. Contract security will need special training for this knowledge (River Valley Security, 2010).
Effective Security
When deciding on the type of security that will be more useful it is important to weigh the positives and negatives of the different types of security and which can be more beneficial to the business. Many companies are using contract services over the proprietary security. Contract Security makes it easier to lower the internal pressures and provide services such as recruiting, training, supervision, scheduling factors, uniforms, equipment, and the cost is lower than proprietary security.

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