Informal Or Formal Writing, Communication, Audience, And Goals

When I think of formal writing and informal writing I look at the different audiences that are involved in the different types of communications. For example, While texting (for example) a friend I would look at this type of communication more informal because there is slang and I will speak on a more personal level when communicating with any family and friends. Now, I find it most unlikely that I will use texting to communicate with a colleague formally. If I were to speak in such a manner such as texting I would find this to be less professional and

more personal which is still informal writing. Now I may find it more convenient to use an objective e-mail
for a colleague which would be a formal writing about business.
Well depending on rather the digital communication is formal or informal either would have a different effect on the writing process. Such texting this could have a negative impact on the writing process. When learning a formal e-mail or other digital communications this could be important in the writing process to help build a stronger but more complex way of communicating with others. Thinking about texting this could have a negative impact by teaching slang and more of informal way of speaking to others. Digital communication can have different outcomes on the writing process depending on the type of communication goals you are trying to seek.

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