The Flex Belt, At Wal-mart

The flex belt is something you can buy in Wal-mart for about 100 dollars. It works out your abs while you watch TV. This belt is not meant to take the place of daily exercise. Working out on a daily basis doing things such as work or housework should be consistent. But this abs belt will defiantly can make a change in your abs.
One thing to make sure of when you get the belt is that you actually only use it as much as it says to. If you use it extra without winging yourself, you will get the

same result of working out for a week straight after you have not worked out in a while, lots of pain. The main thing about the flex belt is that is cheaper yet still just as or maybe even more effective as the more expensive ones. You could probably even look on-line and find the belt cheaper than at Wal-mart. However, I believe that it may be best
to buy the belt new, now when investing in this belt there are two things to keep in mind.
The Abs belt will require both pads and batteries. Now you can buy the pads cheaper on-line and in big quantities. In most cases you can get at least three sets for the price of one and they are still new. A lot of people make a living getting them and sell them cheaper which is always a good thing and well worth it. Now, the belt is also run off of batteries. So this will be something that you need to get for the belt. However, the results of the belt are well worth a few dollars here and there. As long as you don't plan on trying to lose weight off just the belt alone. This belt is just a booster to all your hard work on a daily basis. As long as it is used right you will gain great results.

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