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Human Resource Department
     Human resources Management will continue to change to fit the changing trends such as globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. The purpose of human resources Management has changed to include the influence over employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance. The human resources departments have several responsibilities to improve the business (University of Phoenix, 2007).
     Many companies start out very small and work their way up in company size, complexity, and business diversity. A business requires constant updating and risk management. When a company expands, the importance to innovate and change is very important

to the performance of the business. Also globalization will require cost management, which will balance out the changes in cost and still have good effective sustainability. Globalization will cause change in a business. Human Resources gives the business the ability to keep up with change more effectively (Slide Share, 2011).
     In business, technology is becoming a growing trend. Technology allows for a business to expand their business in several ways. New technological changes are good for security and expansion purposes. Each business requires protection and technology can help to benefit the protection of any company. Technology will have different costs that can affect the business in a positive and negative way. If the funding available is not enough, the cost of new technology will
be more difficult to obtain. In some cases, a company will cut costs in certain areas of the business to allow for more funding in other areas such as the security. Human Resources will find different strategies that will be effective in finding more funding without leaving other areas vulnerable (University of Phoenix, 2007).
     Human resources management is a way of connecting to the employees and encouraging better behaviors toward diversity. Human Resources encourage policies that will improve the communication, development, performance, and employee relations. All employees are responsible for their own actions. However, Human resources management looks for new ways to improve attitudes and teamwork. Diversity is becoming a norm is the
business world. Many businesses are changing the way they look at diversity. Diversity is a positive in business. The diversity in gender, race, and ethnicity is good for business. Diversity is included in the recruitment, design, change, performance, relations, and learning processes of any business (University of California, 2007).
     A company will eventually expand their products and services on-line or throughout the Internet. E-business is a trend that a company will use to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute the products and services with the computer. E-business uses the Internet for different forms of buying and selling. E-business is a growing trend and is not only selling and buying. Some databases with self services and surveys help a company to keep records of how the employees, customers, and other participants in the business view the products and services (University of Phoenix, 2007).
     Ethics is very important to any company. Human Resources are the mentor for building good ethics in the workplace. The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights are protections for the employees and their basic rights. Human Resources will motivate and support these types of rights for all individuals to help build good ethics. Different situation will arise and ways to handle the situations will have consequences for bad ethical behavior. Human resources management is very crucial. Human Resources will not only teach ethics to the employees. Ethics are important for Human Resources to follow and learn. Human resources are the coach for the employees and understanding ethics is important, before proceeding to teach to the employees.
Human Resources and Business
     Human resources management is very important to the success of a business. A business requires for the employees to be able follow and respond to the trends. Human resources management makes it easier for employees to be educated on the trends such as globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics.

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